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December 10, 2020

  1.  Face-mask will be mandatory before, during, and after class.

  2.  Clean and washed uniforms at all times. Please purchase uniforms if you don’t have enough.

  3.  Students must bring their own water bottle or purchase them before class and has it on their side during class.

  4.  Each student will have their own stationary spot and must not go out of their spot during class unless the instructor told them to do so. 

  5.  If possible, try not to use the public facilities (bathroom, dressing rooms). In case of emergency, tell the master or instructor before and after using these facilities. To avoid indirect contact, the staff will immediately sanitize the used facility. After usage, wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with water and soap and apply hand sanitizer afterward.
    a)    Please go to the bathroom at home before attending class.
    b)    Wear your uniform before coming to class. 

  6.  Before entering the school, students must have their temperatures taken, sanitize their hands using hand sanitizer.

  7.  Do not use any training equipment without permission. Only instructors will be able to handle them.

  8.  Do not leave your assigned area of 6 feet during class unless instructed to move and avoid any physical contact with any student, master, and instructor at any time. Practice social distancing at all times.

  9.  Do not bring your sparring gear unless told to do so.

  10.  When leaving, do not rush out. Master/Instructors will assign you to leave one by one.   

  11.  When waiting for the next class, please wait outside in a calm and orderly fashion. Only come in when every other students are all out and the instructors instructed you to come in.   

  12.  All business transactions such as payments and other fees will be handled over the phone. If you do bring in a check or cash, please bring it in an envelope in the exact amount.

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